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Raising funds to support children of Aeta tribe!

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Nice to meet you!

My name is Julie Ann and I live in Manila, Philippines!

I would like to raise some funds that will be used to help and support some Aeta children. I hope you can collaborate too!

Difficult times for Aeta people

I'm studying Education in the University since 2016.

When I was in my first year I learned about the Aeta, an indigenous tribe from Philippines that are living in mountains around Luzon island. Unfortunately, these are not good times for Aeta people.

They are not receiving any support from the government and many of the children can't even to attend school or access to essential goods. I want to change that!

It is better to directly support them!

Me, together with other friends, we're running a project to collect necessities to donate to Aeta people.

In the past, we tried to deliver the donations through some third parts, but we noticed that they weren't properly delivered, so we decided to travel to the mountains ourselves and give the donations to the Aeta!

Thanks to that we are able to visit them, learn about their culture. It is much better!

In former projects we have collected medicines, school supplies etc. from neighbours or classmates. We would be able to do greater things for Aeta people if we could receive some funds!

We want to keep improving

I'm also working as tourist guide, but my monthly income is quite low.

It is really difficult for me to purchase more stuff by my own, and that's why I decided to use Airtripp Funding to get some funds to get more school supplies, notebooks, stationery, etc.

I would also like to prepare some first aid kits and medicines to donate them too.

Details on needed funds

With this project we would like to raise $755 to be able to buy school supplies and medicines for Aeta children. I hope for everyone's support!


If I manage to collect enough funds, we will use them to purchase school supplies and medicines that will be given to Aeta people.

We're planning to go visit them again on June, so it would be nice if we can collect some funds by then! If I can't collect enough funds I will keep doing my best and I won't give up!

After graduating I would really love to become a professional teacher and teach Aeta children. Thank you very much for your interest on my project!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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