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I want to Support my Family By Doing Small Business...

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I am John Kenneth Santiago, 20 years old, from the Philippines, i have 5 siblings and my younger brother is only 4 years old. My father is Diabetic already and have cataract , his right eye is almost blind we don't have our own house, just renting. I want to help my family, i want to sustain the needs of my family because i love them so much and they are all precious to me.

We have a small family business, my father created it before, now that my father's health is bad he cannot do the business , that's why i'm helping him, sometimes his blood sugar is too high like (400) if that's happen he cannot go out and work, and when my father's blood sugar is too high we need to use our capital for his medicine, food and utility bills. 

I want to ask help so that i can raise funds to have a capital again so i can help my family . our customers are continues texting and calling us making orders but we don't have items to sell. 

If possible i want to go back in school also to continue my studies but for now i really need to help my family as much as possible if i can have much capital again i will make sure that i won't loose my capital anymore so that i can continuously sustain my family needs and to save up for my study. i hope and pray that i can reach your heart thru the guidance of our Lord.

God bless everyone! Thank you so much.

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