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I want to expand my "BacSiLog" food business

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BAC - Bacon

SI - Sinangag (garlic fried rice)

LOG - Itlog / Egg

Maddy's Bacsilog was birthed in the small kitchen of our humble abode in Mandaluyong City. With an initial budget of Php1,000, our goal was to provide a "uniquely familiar" meal option to people who are always on-the-go. It started with 3-5 orders every Friday morning, mostly for our colleagues at the TV station (where everyone's in a rush and every second counts). What used to be half a dozen turned 2-3 trays of eggs each day. Orders just kept coming in that we started accepting meet-ups and pick-ups.

Maddy's Bacsilog is a fusion of salty-sweet rich flavor. Garlic fried rice topped with sunny-side up egg, bacon, and our secret cheese sauce recipe. I remember a regular customer said she can't quite put into words how to describe the flavor. It's simply something you need to experience for yourself. No exaggeration. Lol.

The secret? It's the way we meticulously prepare each box of Maddy's Bacsilog. We make sure to delicately put everything together every time -- not just toss everything in there. Our cheese sauce is freshly made everyday. We rarely have leftovers to store in the fridge. Simply put: EACH ORDER IS MADE SPECIAL.

As ambitious as it may sound, we want Maddy's Bacsilog to reach places frequented by people who are always on the go. Transport terminals, train stations -- as well as residential areas. "Strike while the iron is hot" and strike we shall! For now, our goal is to be able to create a stronger foundation and establish the brand. Papers and government requirements need to be processed before we can apply for food delivery services. We need to start stocking up on resources. But with the very limited capital that we have versus the increasing demand, we're afraid we'll lose the opportunity to make it bigger while it's still hot. We need to complete all the necessary government requirements and make sure everything is in order. While we race against time and demand, we continue to fill the orders we can accommodate. We are hoping to get this out there and be able to provide a different option to fellow laborers who rarely have enough time to sit down and enjoy a decent meal. This is Maddy's.

I hope you can help me turn my first dream project into reality. Thank you in advance!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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