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Studying Korean and finding my future in South Korea!

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Hello! My name is Burcu and I live in Kirklareri, a beautiful city in Turkey!

I'm living in Turkey, but I feel that South Korea is the place I want to be in. I'd love to study Korean and after that find a job and live there!

A dream I can't fulfill by myself

I've studied Design at my university. Currently, I'm working as a freelance designer when I can, but I have not many opportunities, so I'm mostly helping my dad in his convenience store.

Even if I work in 2 different things, it's really difficult to me to make my dream come true. The economy is bad in my country and Turkey's currency, the lira, has a really low value nowadays.

Yes, I can save some money, but if I exchange it to another country currency, it means nothing. My dream is almost impossible to fulfill!

But I have another chance thanks to Airtripp Funding!

I love South Korea's culture

I had this friend when I was at college, that loved K-POP and talked me a lot about it and South Korea. That's how I started to be interested on South Korea.

Then, I started to investigate myself about the country and I really loved its traditional culture, its History... I really got interested!

Last year on winter, I made a dream come true and I visited South Korea, after a huge effort. I could meet again my best Korean friend, that I've met before in Istambul when they were travelling around Turkey.

Korean people is so nice and fun! I really love them! And also they have a beautiful and safe country.

I want to be a designer living in South Korea!

I'm learning Korean by myself: I study using books, I watch dorama, I chat with my Korean friends... Korean is a difficult language but its pronunciation and its writting is really beautiful. I love it!

I can have conversations in Korean! Thanks to that I think that 6 months studying in a Korean school will be enough!

My friends say that to me it shouldn't be difficult to find a designer job in South Korea. I think my future is there!

Details on needed funds

I need an amount of $ 10,050 to be able to study there. I think I can save around $ 2,500, so what I need is $ 7,550. I know is a lot but I really hope that someone can help me! I would be really thankful!


I want to study in the language school provided by a University in Seoul during half a year starting next spring.

When I finish the school I will search for job to stay more time in South Korea if I can get a visa!

I wish I can make this dream come true!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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