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Train as a Pastel Nagomi Art instructor to spread the genre

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I am Ignatius Yeo, a visual artist, who started my art journey in 2009 seeking a refuge to keep myself sane and grounded due to my hectic lifestyle in the banking and finance industry. I found solace in visual art and in the beginning years had the privilege to go under the tutelage of two renowned artists; a Chinese brush painting and watercolour. From the very beginning of the journey, I fell in love with ink-wash approach in minimalist style. Over the years, I had developed my own unique identity and signature style although I am still evolving due to my restless, explorative, experimental and inquisitive nature. I am always experimenting with different tools, medium, substrates, techniques etc but most important of all is through the journey I discovers calm, peace and balance in my lifestyle. In 2013, I started conducting painting and sketching workshops for anyone young or old to share my joy of art not just for art sake but for that holistic balance in life journey. I continue to share my experience and new discoveries through demos, workshops and classes.

Recently when I was visiting an artist friend’s art exhibition, he bumped into an artist teaching a form of Japanese art healing called Pastel Nagomi Art using pastels and fingers to create a gentle soft and heart-touching art through simple yet unique ways of painting techniques. It was founded by Mr Hosoya Norikatsu. The kanji character ‘Nagomi’ is '和' which means harmony. “Now that’s music to my eyes.” The curious and inquisitive part of me got myself into wanting to know more about this art form. I visited that artist’s studio to find out more. I found that this artist, Ms Audrey Ng, is an established Pastel Nagomi Art instructor conducting classes as well as training anyone who aspires to be a Pastel Nagomi instructor. During that visit, I had a go rubbing the soft pastel on paper. It was a feeling beyond anything. It was so calming, soothing and relaxing. It was like literally rubbing and erasing the worries and woes away in that simple process. After that I admitted that those short few minutes I was at it, I was in a world of my own obliviously of what was going on in the studio….like traversing time and space into some another dimension. The experience was quite out of this world. I have found myself into a higher level of relaxation and calm. Now where were you all this way, Pastel Nagomi Art!

That short session inspired me to want to become a certified Nagomi Art instructor so as to share my art experience through what I know and what I found in Pastel Nagomi Art. I want to spread this art form which is adopted by counsellors, therapist, teachers, artists, art lovers, working adults, students, children, elderly, special needs folks etc for counselling and healing purposes as well as for family bonding and team building programmes due to its resultant effects and benefits.

Through this project I am seeking funding of USD960 to attend:

A 24-hour Basic of Pastel Nagomi Art (PNA) & Associated Instructive Art Course to be a certified Associate Instructor. Upon completion of the course, I will have to submit 3 pastel art paintings and a written report to the Japan Pastel Hope Art Association (JPHAA) to be certified as an Associate Instructor.

Once certified, I will be able to conduct PNA classes to share this therapeutic art form and benefits to all.

We live in a stressful world. For working adults, there are impossible deadlines to meet, bosses breathing down our necks, meeting after meeting, taking care of your kids’ needs etc. For students, there are assessment after assessment to complete, examinations etc. If we all take a few moments off our busy schedule to have our me time to make peace and calm to rejuvenate and soothe our mind, body and soul….to connect with your inner self.

That night after my rubbing session, my experimental and restless mind went on full throttle dreaming up out of this world themes apart from the 16 different themes that will be covered during the instructor course. Frankly I can’t wait to share with everyone. Once I am certified to be an Associate Instructor, I will roll out those out of this world theme classes. I called myself a time traveller traversing space-time-space to walk my dot so it was no surprise my dreamed-up themes would be of the mysterious celestial genre which can be enjoyed round the clock.

On top of this, I notice that this art form due to the methodology and the nature of the medium appeals largely only to the female population. I hope to reach out to the male population through my more masculine but not least feminine themes which I am confident that they will raise the eyebrows amongst the guys to try their fingers on this art form.

Last but not least, this is my commitment to all supporters of this project of mine as a small token of my appreciation and gratitude:

1. Contribution $1 - $49 – 2 Nagomi art print bookmark will be mailed to you.

2. Contribution $50 - $99 – 1 piece of my original Nagomi artwork of 12x12cm will be mailed to you.

3. Contribution above $100 – 2 pieces of my original Nagomi artworks of 12x12cm will be mailed to you.

For those who are residing in Singapore or happening to be visiting Singapore, I will be most glad have you in my class at 50% off the regular fee. 

Please do hop over to my website to see what I have done during my art journey so far:

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