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I want to become a musician! Help me achieve my dream!

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About me....

Hi, I'm Valentina, I'm 18 years old. I currently live in Colombia and since I was a child I have liked music, my father has been the guide on that path.

I am a piano student, I like to sing and play guitar, during the time I have dedicated to music I have studied in two institutes located in the city and thanks to that opportunity I have learned a lot about music and my instrument. I am currently studying a music diploma with an emphasis on piano at the Institute of Fine Arts of the Universidad del Quindío, which I will be finishing in two months.

Why am I here...

My dream is to be a professional musician, so I want to study a degree in music since during these years I have discovered my skills. I have had the opportunity to participate in alternative musical groups, I have also put my knowledge at the service of nearby children who like music and there I have discovered my vocation, since by training professionally I can contribute to the cultural process in my City, lacking spaces for musical training.

In the city where I currently live there is no undergraduate in music and that is an impediment for many people who like me want to dedicate their lives to it, so the only option we have is to go to another city or study another university degree. For a while I was abandoning the idea of studying music for economic reasons, since moving to another city and paying for a university degree has a cost that I still cannot cover.

For what do I need the funds...

The Technological University of Pereira opens registrations in mid-October and I have been saving some money for registration, after doing so I will be presenting an admission exam to evaluate my musical aptitudes... I have been preparing very well for this test.

I have to go to live in the city of Pereira, cover my stay and pay for the race ... my parents support me with all the love so that I make my dreams come true and in fact if it were not thanks I would not have been able to prepare my parents as I have done so far, however, this is a very high cost for which they do not have sufficient resources.

The money I plan to raise here with the help of all of you is to cover at least a few semesters of the undergraduate and cover part of my stay in this city. Monthly it costs me 173 USD to cover my stay and food, the university career costs me approximately 1,156 USD, so the money raised here would be to boost the study of the undergraduate in music. I want to have the money by the end of this year and thus be able to pay the semester and set aside a place to live near the University.

If you want to help me you can also do it directly in my savings account Bancolombia N ° 069 020 152 89

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