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Help Nada for Heart Bypass Surgery

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Hi everyone,

My name is Suppawit from Thailand.

Nada, my little daughter who is now about 11 months old. Nada has had a tough life since even before she was born. At 28 weeks into the pregnancy, a 4D ultrasound discovered something abnormal on her heart. Further investigation revealed the following abnormalities:

- Interrupted Aortic Arch Type B

- Perimembranous VSD

- Cyanotic Heart Disease

- Hypoplastic Aortic Valve

- DiGeorge Syndrome

My little daughter challenging abnormalities

It turns out Nada was growing without a thymus gland.

Following the diagnosis (and resulting shock and denial), My wife and I remained hopeful. We tried many things to help Nada grow stronger. Some of those things were more desperate than others, like eating 4 boiled eggs every day and many terrible tasting alternatives, but this was something we could do to help. Of course, this probably sounds strange from the outside, but parents will do anything for their children, especially in times of crisis.

A few days before the delivery, a group of specialists determined that Nada would not be able to live more than 3 hours after birth without medical intervention. It was heart-wrenching. My mind was racing. How many operations will she need? How much suffering will these operations cause Nada? How will these operations affect Nada’s future? What opportunities will her older sister have to sacrifice? In the end, we trusted the doctors to do what had to be done under the condition that no operation will cause Nada any immense pain.

(when she was recovered rapidly after first surgery)

(medical certificate when she was 1m/3d old)

Nada amazed everyone

Nada amazed everyone. She was able to go for up to 2.5 days at a time with only supportive care. The doctors said that she had a very strong will to live. She had a PA banding and PDA stent placement to allow oxygen to flow through her body better. She recovered very well, only requiring 30 days in the hospital, but the doctors discovered that Nada had severe laryngomalacia and neutropenia.

(current scar on her chest, it faded out rapidly )

Nada has proven to be a fighter. She’s telling the world that she belongs here. Matching birthmarks on Nada and her older sister’s right arms should only be viewed as a sign that they were born to exist in this world together, with no other member in family have it.

She will need another operation soon

Nada will turn 1 year old on April 23, 2021 and will need another operation to replace the original PDA stent since it won’t get bigger as Nada grows. She has not had an easy journey so far and continues to fight for her life every day. She will never give up. Because of the cyanotic heart disease, her body becomes bluer each day. After a CT scan on her heart, it was discovered that her aortic valve is not growing with the rest of her heart. This will require a bypass surgery that will cost around $20,000.

(when she had a CT scan on her heart)

Please assist Nada to live with lovely sister longer and longer

My wife takes care of the kids 24/7 and my salary is fully extended for support all of family. I had a plan for extra job, but due to the COVID-19 situation, finding more work has become quite difficult as well. I hope that this story has found its way into your hearts and that you will help us to raise funds for Nada. Anything would help! Please assist Nada to live with lovely sister longer and longer.

They are so very adorable and love to stay together, even they are still cannot play with each other much.

I would be happy if you could use the [Help by sharing] button to share about my project!

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