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To become a yoga teacher

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Hello friends,

I'm Shafa Faiz, 29 years old, a housewife and student from Maldives. I'm writing this project from Kandy, Sri Lanka where I am pursuing my business management and marketing degree at University of Essex online.

Yoga my passion, my saving future career

My husband's job requires him to work overseas, move to different countries every two years. Coming from a small country like Maldives, with low education and keep moving every two years, I found it’s hard to get just any job. Not to mention to build a career path.

I do yoga about 6 years ago. But recently I do enjoy doing some Yoga personal training and meditation class for old residents who live near me. I enjoy it very much that I never charged them.

Then one of them suggested me why don’t I do yin yoga and meditation for all the old ladies who live near me and get some income. Her suggestion opened my mind to pursue yoga as a career.

If I become a yoga teacher, I do plan on doing yoga sessions at my current residence as I have got a good area in my backyard with a spectacular serendipity view

Help me get Yoga Teacher Certification

After doing research, I found that The 100hr Yin Yoga and Meridian Teachers Training done by Annie Au could be a perfect start. I contacted her and got my placement after paying 500 USD deposit.

The training will be held in near my place as well, which made me more excited. It will take place at Rukgala retreat, along the lake Victoria in Digana, Kandy, Sri Lanka. This is the Rugala studio:

This training will allow me to teach yin yoga at my own space. And also if I have available spot at Rukgala studio, I could teach there as well. The current yoga teacher encouraged me that if I do this course she would allow me to take some classes if she is unavailable and I can get a commission and practice hours.

This is her detail program:

Or to help grandmother

I need to raise fund because I'm currently unemployed and all my study funding is covered by my husband. He has helped me to get my placement in the training by paying deposits too. That's why he is unable to help me pay for my Yoga Teacher Training any further.

So please help me reach my dream my donating any amount of money. If I'm unable to get enough sufficient amount for the training, I would not waste your money. I would choose to withdraw from the training and with the fund that has been raised through my good friends, I would like to send it to Maldives for my mother to help out with my grandmother's hospital bills.

I would be happy if you could use the [Help by sharing] button to share about my project!

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