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Help the planet! I want to plant 1000 trees in Medellin!

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Hi there!

My name is Andrés from colombia!

I have voluntary created a non-profit foundation, which aims to raise funds to help combat climate change by planting trees in places that have been deforested or damaged by fire in the mountain close to Medellín, Colombia.

fire burned down the forst and consumed a lot of native forest.

After the fire happend, the inbalance between environmental is occured.

Many native trees is gone and also home to many unique animal species in the world also destroyed, and it causing the climate change in here.

By that background happend, i create a foundation that would help combat climate change. I wants to combat the climate change by planting trees and recover the current condition which the forest destroyed by fire and get back it to normal condition

Planting 1.000 Trees

I Had been surveyed some location at the affected areaa mountain at Medellín, I also already contacted local public entities to guide in the types of trees that should be planted, such as taking care of the affected areas and the best times to plant. By planting approximately 1.000 Trees, we hope that environtment can recover to its original condition and can be home to the animals whose origin in it.

in principle they are 4 people who lead this project and to plant the trees there will be calls for volunteers

Help Us realize this project

Because this is a NPO and a volunteer project, we really need support in financial.

As a volunteer program, we aare lack on funds to realize this project. Beside, In Colombia it is particularly not easy to raise funds because people live with low salaries that do not allow them to make contributions to these types of initiatives,

That is why, we need your support to realize this project, to fight the climate change that recently also affect whole world. a little step will really help many people in this worlds.

If we don't care about our nature surroundiing us, then who?

Details on needed funds

We already have allies that are going to donate food and tools for the volunteers who participate in the planting day.

We would like to raise for buy the trees. A single trees is cost about 10.000 colombbia peso ($3) , but we need a bout 1.000 trees, that mean, it will cost about $3000

1.000 trees x 3$ = $3,000


If we able to collect enough fund, we will start this project as soon as possible.

in case of not reaching the expected money, we will used any collected amount of funds to plant as much as possible, and if necessary, we will provide our own money to complete this project.

We really grateful with any of your help and support!

Thank you so much!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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