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Help me to let everyone know their true talent

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Everybody have a chance to know himself better. I have chance to learn and deliver this knowledge. Help me to help them

Oh hello everyone!

I've spent almost a year of my entire time to learn new knowledge that actually not new but many of you or anyone in the world perhaps never heard about it.

This called Human Design,this knowledge almost exist in West world for 25 Years, but very little know this in Asia or at least in my country, Indonesia.

So i want to start a movement by giving this knowledge for free for anyone who doesn't have any chance or time to learn.

This knowledge is so profound, amazingly beautiful to identify someone talent and let every individual life their life with confidence.

long story short, i already made some digital textbook but i need to bring it to form, print it and share it to everyone i met who need support to live their life with their biggest gift which is - THEIR OWN SELF

we  spent our life for many searching for our true identity, yet some of them struggle, their go outside to fight the world, alone, without knowing what to do. 

And worst, world seems so cold for them

Many of us working and working, and while some of them is have luck and have jobs, many in Indonesian still doesn't have chance to experience how does it feel to have salary and in result their doing any job for survival.

You know how does it feel to work for something you don't like? yeah, probably hell, but it seems like no option for them, they choose to become driver, selling food, cleaner or many non-professional job that big company doesn't even care about. There is nothing wrong with their job, but there is another problem, frustration, dissatisfaction, bitter life and anger rage trough us

My mission is to help them, Support them, let them know they are not alone. Let them know that they have this genius inside them as an asset to survive in life.

I believe we live in world full of love and still so many nice people like you who spent your time to read this and hopefully to consider just any amount you like :)

"Inside this book, there is knowledge like library for liberty to our personal self. And knowledge can bring liberty to anyone and bring us from dark to light"

While I am supporting everyone, i need another support like buying a paper, printer, transportational and education cost to build website  and also i invite everyone especially in Indonesia to know this knowledge for Free!

This is me, not many thing i can do to the world. I Have this limitation and I'm not perfect, but let me spread this love through small action, your donation can make this cause even bigger to me and everyone around us

Thank You, God Bless 

and don't forget, please share this cause 

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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