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On August 17 at 8:30 in the morning, Brigitte Ortega was going on Route 5 South Pan-American, on the way to Pargua - Chile. They found the road in frosty rain and for unknown reasons there were oil wastes on the road; what caused the loss of control of the vehicle. Brigitte's boyfriend was driving. Marice Brigitte Ortega Gonzalez who drove from Copiloto, despite wearing the seat belt, got the biggest impact. The car took several turns and crashed into a mountain that was on the road side.

After that, she was transferred to the Hospital of Puerto Mont - Chile. It was an emergency operation. Her C5 vertebra was dislocated and affected the spinal cord. Diagnosed as paraplegia, the doctors placed a platinum insert in her cervical spine and admitted her in intensive care until September 18.

She was discharged on October 7, transferred to her home with home hospitalization until now.

Thanks God, improvements were seen, she can move her arms little by little, without strength but he manages to do it with strong willpower, she can feel her legs but she still can not move them yet, from the hand of God we go faithfully, supporting Brigitte in her early improvement.

Just as Jesus healed The Blind and raised The Paralyzed and resurrected Lazarus among The Dead, we believe and have intact faith that God will raise and walk Brigitte. Any collaboration and prayer that comes out of your hearts will be well received to support the therapies and health equipments that Brigitte needs for her rapid improvement. God bless you. Att: Ortega González Family

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