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I need your support to help me buy a suite that can run backpacker hostel.

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Hello, I am Ye Jinchen.

I have always been eager to have a house that belongs to me. So I am trying to deposit and hope to get enough money.

In addition, I also attach great importance to environmental issues.

Therefore, my concept is to run a backpacker hostel by owning a small suite. Through the green energy decoration design, the traveller can enhance the concept of environmental protection and energy conservation and donate more rental income to greenpeace.

I believe that when everyone works hard to make a contribution to the earth, even a little bit will accumulate a lot of power.

I have also selected a case and paid for it, but there are still some small gaps in the first paragraph. So I beg you to get your support so that I can complete the dream of having my own house and more. Heart

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