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I want to represent my country in a world competition

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Hello !

I am Renata, 14 years old, I live in Mexico City. I practice Pointfighting (point fight/Karate) and I am preparing for the World WKC (World Karate & Kickboxing Commission) in Niagara, NY.

I attended the first WKC Pan American in February in Guatemala, February 2019, and won the first place. Since that day my goal has been to be there and fulfill a dream that little by little I have been working hard to make it come true.

And this is me at WKC Panamericans Miami, EU. November 2018, less than a year before.

I am selected as national in WKC Mexico for my performance throughout the year. I am selected national within the Tournament.

Support me to the World Karate Commission Championship

I am in search of support to be able to buy the cards of my competition, there are 3 and my goal is to be able to represent Mexico and bring me a medal home.

You would make me very happy if you used the [Collaborate sharing] button to share my project!

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