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I would like to develop my garden.

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Hello everyone!

Nice to meet you, My name is Chonticha, A farmer from Thailand!

Thailand have a big strom and heavy rains for past last month and make my farmland submerged under water.

I seeking for your help and support to develop and improving my agricultural land that make me have big loss because i couldn't harvest from my farmland now.

About my self

I had been running my own agricultural land for 10 years, i running it by myself and sometimes my friends helping me with when i need some help such as composing or harvesting. We helping each other.

I live with my 80 years old mother and i support her too with the daily needs, i am not rich but me and my farmer friends always share each other knowledge and support each other when we lack of something,

My land produce the organic vegetables and fruit and also rice too, sometimes we joining some exhibition to sell our product.

The flood submerged my crops, great loss of my crops

Last September of 2019, A big storm and heavy rains happened in my city, Buriram.

The crops which i planted for about 1 month old, all sunken under the water, I could not produce the organic vegetables and fruit, and i cannot harvest anything for this month because of flood.

I Planning to developing the water system on my agricultural land

Since last year until now, because of the climate change, the weather also became changing drastically and affect agricultural in here.

Last year, the climate was so dry and doesn’t have enough water to irrigate our agricultural land, some of crops also died because of dried. And This year, big storm happened, heavy rains happen almost everyday, and my agricultural land submerged by water,

Because of that reason, i have an idea and thinking to make and developing a good water system. By that, i hope beside we can increase my crops product, it can be good example too for other farmer to prevent the effect of climate change.

Details on needed funds

I am planning to make a water irrigation system, i need some equipment such as solar panel, water pump, also i need to plant another corps too, so i will buy some seeds. All total i want to raise is $1,500

solar panel : $1,000

Water pump installation: $200

Seeds : $100

Man power : $200


Once i collected the funds, i will start to buy the equipment for the water system, so i will able to plant another corps in my garden again.

Any amount of your supports, will be meaningful for me to help me recover my agricultural land. And if it success, my agricultural land will be a good example for another farmer in my region. Surely I will teach them about this system if my project success.

Thank you so much! May God bless you!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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