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My Dad is Having Stage 4 Cancer.

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Dear all,

My name is sundararaman from singapore. My dad undergo oral cancer surgery this early year and now he still fighting with lung cancer.

This crowdfunding is collected to use for the purpose to support his herbal medications and if possible to bring him to overseas for holiday while he can enjoy.

My Dad Diagnosed with oral cancer stage 4

This early of march 2019, my dad went to hospital and he was diagnosed with having oral cancer stage 4

My Dad then went for a Major Surgery and removing cheek area that affected with cancer and also do skin grafting. This phase still followed by 30 sessions of Radiotherapy to prevent the spreading of his cancer.

There are option to do chemotherapy too, but we choose to do radiotherapy instead because we doesn’t want to see my dad in pain.

The cancer spread until his lung

2 months later after the surgery, we do another examination and do the CT scan, doctor found that the cancer already spread into the lungs

Doctor did mention that he had about 9 months to 15 months to live. We don't wish to make him suffer more with further treatments.

As my dad wishes, he also mention that he wishes to able to meet his relative (her aunt) in india, because he never been there, and he want to met her.

If his condition alright, we planned to take him to his hometown in india but, for now we more focusing on his herbal medication to suppress the cancer he had.

My dad needs to drink his herbal medication every days.

My Dad already unable to chew, he only able to eat from staw, juice or another drinkable food. sometimes we blended spinach, or another vegetables for his food.

He also drink herbal medicine and food supplement that cost about $50 for a day to keep him in better condition

He also hardly to move, so for routine check-up, we need to use taxi. And now he need someone to watch him because he easily to fall and fainted easily.

Detail on needed funds

For every months, my dad spend about $2,000

Because the herbal drink he need to eat for 5 times a day, and once drink it cost about $10. Every time he do routine check-up also needed taxi because it is difficult for him to move.

If we could get enough spare funds, we thinking to take him and granted his wishes to travel as he can now.

We have spent our savings on him and now turn to crowdfunding as we do not have much to help with his herbal medications.

I hope the public could assist us with this. God bless you all.

Thank you.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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