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Mabelle's fight with Brain Tumor

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Hi, good day!

Our friend Mabelle is diagnosed with rule out brain tumor dated October 2019. As per advise by her doctors, she needs a brain operation as soon as possible to drain out the water inside her head to find out the size of her tumor, this a preparation for the another operation, the removal of her tumor in brain. Hoping for you to help us raise fund for her medical bills. Thank you in advance for the help you will give!

Below is the history of her diagnosis:

September 21,2019

Mabelle started double vision. Immediately went to hospital for further checking. Advised to wear eye patch 

September 23,2019

Went to ophthalmologist suspecting it is an eye problem. Diagnosed with Cranial Nerve 6 Palsy, advised to wear eye patch and do eye exercises for the next two weeks

October 9, 2019

Follow check up with ophthalmologist - it is noted that there is no improvement after complying with the eye exercise.  Referred to neurologist.

October 11, 2019

Checked by neurologist, diagnosed Cranial Nerve 6 Palsy. She is given steroids and nerve vitamins (Polynerve). Also continued with eye exercise.After follow up check up, she continued with medications and eye exercise. Follow up check up scheduled on 

November 11.October 23, 2019

Severe headache and vomiting. Decided to rush to hospital because of unbearable pain. Neurologist advised to admit her and perform CT scan. Seeing the result, neurologist advised to refer to neurosurgeon. Both specialists explained the need to perform the following procedures: 

1. VP shunt for CSF decompression

2. Gamma Knife radiation for tumor at cardinal santos   (Manila)

3. Transcranial approach  w/ scope for partial tumor excision/ biopsy

Diagnosis as of now:

Cranial nerve 6 palsy

Rule out brain tumor

Neo growth intraventricular neoplasm/tumor

Cerebral swelling

Obstructive hydrocephalus

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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