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I want to get cranioplasty surgery

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Skull surgery for Wahyu

Hi, I’m Wahyu Bagus Setiadi, a loving father, son, nephew and cousin in West Sumatra, who loves travelling and making new friends. I’m raising money for skull surgery so the surgeon can replace the large piece of skull that’s missing after a traffic accident in Thailand.

This surgery isn’t available in Indonesia on public healthcare and my family aren’t wealthy.

A cranioplasty is a surgical procedure used to correct a defect in a bone of the skull. The defect might be congenital, the result of trauma to the head or a complication from an earlier surgery. A cranioplasty will not only improve the appearance of the head, but also may provide several medical benefits.

I suffered severe head trauma in Thailand, which required surgery to remove a part of my skull to allow my brain to swell – this was successful, but left me without a large piece of skull. After the first surgery left side of my body is still weak because my nerves problem but step by step because I keep doing treatments and physiotherapy to get better and back to normal.

Following the accident, It took around 10 months to regain basic functionality, but I can't progress much further because of the missing skull. I cannot walk properly and left hand is still very weak, no strength and I feel helpless and lost.

Every time I saw my self through the mirror it looks weird with the very big hole in my head, there is a sister of my friend from Malaysia who did cranioplasty before and it was successful and now she’s back to her normal life, having kids husband and work like normal people.

I’m now living with my family in Western Sumatra and am working hard everyday to get back on my feet – but am I unable to? This operation will transform my life. It’ll enable me to be a normal member of my family and community and find a job.

Currently, I cannot open my right eye now because there’s a fluid come down from my head

My first mission is raise the deposit for the surgery, which is $5000. We have raised $500 so far.

Many thanks to everyone who has donated already, and especially big thanks to my mom who always been there for me to shower me, help me wear my clothes and feed me my favorite foods, who helped me set up this page because I have trouble operating a computer, I’d dearly love to get back to the life I used to do many things, like playing with my nephew, etc. and every donation made a step in that direction.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me!


Since a week ago i had unstoppable nosebleeding which im not sure what is it cause.

Might Need a proper check to know whats happening with it:

UPDATE (September 2020)

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, I haven't done my rehab since the beginning of March.

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