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Hello everyone!

My name is daniela, from mexico.

I would like raising funds for my older sister, Larisa whose currently fighting her life from cancer.

Larisa diagnosed with Breast cancer

About 6 months ago, Larisa was diagnosed with breast cancer in an advanced stage. She had a breast removed, but later the result of the biopsy showed that the cancer had already metastasized so it was urgent to start the corresponding treatment,

Well, unfortunately in Mexico they do not have the necessary space to care for cancer patients who have social service at no cost, because of that, attending fee to do the treatment are difficult for us.

Chemotherapy and medicine expenses are expensive for them to bear

Larisa is a single mother of 3 children, she is an English teacher and she is 52 years old. Larisa and her children carry out all household expenses.

Since larisa sick, day by day the income getting difficult because it used for the treatment and her medicine.

The first chemotherapy cost 150,000 pesos ($7800). Both her children and she got the money through loans and loans. Once the amount was collected, they were told that they also had to buy a drug that cost 10,000 pesos ($525).

About $2100 needed per month

She and her children could no longer despair and sought by all possible means that Larisa had a place in social security.

Thank God, after much waiting, social security agreed to attend Larisa at no cost, as long as she bought the medicines and moved once a week to a City that is 2 hours away from where she lives.

Both transfers, as medicines, as processes, generate many expenses. Approximately 40,000 pesos monthly. That is why we are now asking for support and help, since Larisa is definitely not going to give up.

Please, support Lari to have a second chance at life. Her family will grateful with your help.

I would be happy if you could use the [Help by sharing] button to share about my project!

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