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To study a master in Brazil and become a dentist for Ticuna people!

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Hello all! I'm Elkin and I live in Bogota, Colombia!

Currently, I'm studying a degree in University to become a dentist but my dream is to study a master degree in Brazil, because I love Brazil and I also have a special reason to do it.

Ticuna's sacred land is in Brazil

I'm belong to a indigenous tribe of Colombia, Brazil or Peru, named Ticuna. The truth is that Brazil is very special for Ticuna people. Most of our people is living in Brazil.

Also, our sacred land is located in Brazil: where our tribe were born, and where our Gods are.

There are many bonds between the Ticuna of any place, and that's why I can speak Portuguese too!

In the future, I would like to work as a dentist for Ticuna

It's difficult to have dentist in our villages, so I would really love to become a dentinst and help my people to have a nice dentist service.

I just want my people to have a better and healthier life!

When I finish my degree here in Colombia, I would like to improve my skills by studying a master degree in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I'm also working as a tourist guide!

I use most of my time studying at University, but when I have time, I work as tourist guide for people who wants to visit and enjoy the Amazon by fishing, camping, and other adventures!

I don't get to much money, and I also have to pay my own expenses, so to save money is a little difficult to me.

Details on nedeed funds

I've calculated that I need around $4,090 to study 6 months in Brazil. Anyway, I hope I can get $1,200 for this project. I will figure out to save what is left with my work and own savings!


I want to study a master in Brazil 2 years from April of 2020.

When I graduate I will do my best to become a great dentist and give my help to my people, the Ticuna.

I would really appreciate your support!

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