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Help a friend's family ease the medical Bills.

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Hello dear good friends...

I'm Zainuden Kosnan, a Police Officer, lives in Singapore

I humbly seek support for my best friend

His name is Nor Hussein, 63 years old. He is my best friend who has retired and was an active lad.

He was diagnosed with a brain tumor, sometimes around 2 years ago. He has undergone a surgery to remove the tumor and chemotherapy. But lately there's a recurrence of the tumor growth and underwent a second surgery.

This time round, after the second surgery, he has lost the sense and use of his left hand and left leg. He's bedridden and was informed by the doctor that he has a slim chance of survival. Doctors have to stop prescribing him any medicines except for Panadol pill to ease his pain. He is currently admitted at St. Lukes Hospital.

Funds to support his family

Despite of slim chance of survival, he has to be under medical care 24/4. I saw his family experiencing pressure. He's a retiree, his wife was a full-time housewife, and his daughter has just completed schooling and started working.

I'm seeking the fund to ease his family from all the billings and transportation cost for his full-time housewife who have been running errant. Below is our cost estimate his family is having due to his illness:

I will give his family whatever fund that has been collected here. At least to lighten whatever burden that his family is facing for now.

To all the kind soul out there, thank you in advance for your help. May God bless you and your family.

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