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I want to pay my cousin's school fees!

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Hello everyone! I am Happiness Godwin, and I came from Dar Es Salaam of Tanzania!

I plan to pay the school fees for my cousin!

I cannot afford to pay the school fees of my 11 year old cousin

I am currently living with my aunt and my 3 cousins, and I also support them.

My 11 year old cousin has just finished his 7th grade, or Japan-equivalent of 1st year of middle school. My cousin is a bright kid and his grades are good, however due to lack of money he cannot continue his studies.

I want to support him so that he can continue to study!

I cannot save money because my job is not stable

My aunt does one-off work now and again, but most of time she takes care of the house and does not have income.

I work in marketings and I can manage to get about $100 a month. However, my work is irregular so it's hard to save money. I somehow manage to save $250 in 7 months.

I need $350 for the school fees, and I need to pay it before January next month.

My cousin is a good student, but it saddens me to think that he may not continue his studies because of our financial situation. Therefore, I sincerely hope for support from everyone so that my cousin can continue studying!

Even relatives and friends could not afford to lend money

I could not hope to borrow money from my relatives and friends.

Living in Tanzania is harsh, and people could not afford to help. Although I have thought of taking a loan, with the state of my job it is hard to apply for one.

Even if I somehow manage to get a loan, the interest rates are high and so are the risks.

Details of the needed funds

I need $500 to pay the fees and also the study materials, and I would only like the assistance to pay $250 of that! I would pay the rest with my saved money!


Once the funds are collected, I will pay the fees at once.

The deadline to pay the fees is at the end of January of 2019, so I need the support as soon as possible. As the exact school fees is $350, I would make that a priority first. If it happens that I do not manage to collect the needed funds, I might resort to taking another job to cover the needed funds.

Again, I hope for the kindess of everyone so that my cousin can continue studying and have a brighter future.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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