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Help for my father's cataract surgery.

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Hello everyone, my name is Luis Alberto Acosta.

Together with my brothers, we open this fundraiser to help our father for his cataract surgery.

My father started to difficult to see from 8 months ago

Our father's vision is already very affected to the point that he has had to stop performing routine activities such as driving, so it is up to other people to leave home and do daily work.

Because of the cataracts in his eyes, he cannot clearly see the faces of his grandchildren and other relatives.

our father has cataracts in both of his eyes and was diagnosed approximately 8 months ago. That time our father does not have health insurance, so the surgery must be canceled because a direct payment is needed.

He is a 70-year-old, hard-working and very vigorous person. But he has lost all that because he is very depressed, we want to help him regain his sight and have a better quality of life.

My father also suffer from several diseases

In addition of cataracts, he has been suffering from an uncured disease called amyloidosis for several years, so he must take a monthly treatment with chemotherapy to help prevent amyloidosis from expanding.

in recent days his doctor has also informed us that he suffers from stage IV Renal Failure so that if he does not comply with a special treatment unfortunately dialysis will be inevitable.

Now he must also cope with the falls, that situation make him very depressed.

Low income and expensive hospital bill

We are from Venezuela and unfortunately, a routine operation has become impossible to pay for an average family due to the serious economic situation that the country is facing and the very low salaries. so we are in need of requesting your collaboration.

In a country like Venezuela, with a monthly salary of $ 6 and the very deteriorated health system it is almost impossible to gather enough money for us.

Many family and friends over time have helped us with some money or donation of medicines, but in view of our father's many sufferings recently, it becomes insufficient day by day.

That is why we turning to Airfunding with hoping to at least cover the costs of cataract surgery so that our father can see well and improve his quality of life a little and can see the face of his grandchildren and family.

The surgery fee exceed $3,500

As we consulted with different clinics in the city, the cost of the operation approximately $ 3,500. It is really big amount for us to cover. If we couldn't reach that goal, we will delayed the surgery time until we collect enough money to do the surgery for my father.

We really hoping that our father will able to see us again and improve his quality of life

Please help my father

As soon as we collected enough money, we will scheduling for my father eye's surgery.

we ask your willingness to help our father with all your heart. We will truly be eternally grateful fith your help.

Your contribution will be very helpful so he can recover his vision.

Thank you so much!

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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