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I want to attend an educational conference in London.

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Hello everyone!

I am Amira Sanjar, 37 years old. I am an English teacher from Lebanon. I teach grade 5 students. I have been teaching for 18 years now.

I won "Go to London" competition

One year ago, I applied for EduLEAD program. It is a leadership program which is organized by NAMA and RITE Education in Malaysia to support and improve education in 4 different countries, including Lebanon. I was chosen to be a part of the program.

After one year of attending modules, working online and submitting many tasks, I started implementing the program in my school. Due to my commitment and hard work, RITE Education finally awarded me as the winner of "Go to London" competition to attend the Reimagine Education conference in London from the 8th to 10th December. Please have the awarding letter attached:

This is the link for the conference.

Lebanon is having a crisis

I was so happy and grateful to have the invitation since of my dreams is going to be fulfilled. I have always dreamed of attending conferences about education in other countries. But the problem now is the political and economical issues that are happening in Lebanon.

The conference will take place in London on December. It's a very short time, made me difficult to get support from Lebanese government or colleagues. Protest are going anywhere, and very few people care about education improvements.

As a teacher, I always have short income. My salary is distributed among my mother since my dad is dead. My husband is not working very well too, so I also need to support my husband to raise my kids since I have four. I also try to help poor people with a small amount of money. This country crisis affects us very much. This month I got only a half salary since the situation is not good at all.

This is why attending this conference is very important to me since I need to transfer the knowledge to my colleagues in the school and to other teachers in Lebanon, and this is going to be of great benefit for many students.

Help me to attend the conference

So I really need some help to get the flight ticket and to book the hotel. As mentioned on the letter, I am responsible for my travel, accommodation and visa arrangement to attend the conference.

It is a great chance that I will never lose. Kindly, help by donating to this campaign. This is going to be of great benefit for me and for my colleagues and the students in my school.

I would be happy if you could use the [Help by sharing] button to share about my project!

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