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I want to work in Singapore to help my family!

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Nice to meet you! I am Shahbaz and I'm from Pakistan! I work as computer operator.

My family is having a very bad time since my father passed away. I live with my mum and younger brothers and I need to take care of all of them. As my income in my country is not enough I would like to find a job in Singapore to give my family a better life.

I had to stop my studies when my father died

I love sports, especially gymnastics. That's my passion and I would really love to work in anything related to it.

When I lost my dad I had to sacrifice my studies and start working as computer operator, as I'm the elder brother. My mum is also working, but she has not very good health and I know it's really difficult to her.

My current job is not enough to provide my family

My monthly income is really low, around $150. As it's not enough for my family my mum is also working.

But I would really like my mum to stop working as it's really painful for her so I started to figure out how to improve our lifes and I heard that Singapore is a really nice and open country that welcomes foreign workers.

I heard from some Pakistani friends that in Singapore you can communicate using English, and to find a job is not so difficult as in other countries, if you get a working visa.

If I move to Singapore I will make my family's life easier

I can speak and understand English as I studied it at school. That's not a problem for me. Average mothly income in Singapore is around $ 3,000. I know it's not the easiest thing to find a good job, but I need to try it because I want to help my mum.

When I stopped my studies I kept studying by myself. I also established a small gymnastics club to teach other people after my daily work as computer operator. As I love sports I would love to find a job related to this in Singapore.

Besides that, Singapore is not so far away from my country, so during holidays I can even visit my family!

Details on needed funds

To start, I need $615 to buy a flight ticket and get a visa. With that money I can go to Singapore to find a job, and if everything is okay I will can apply for a working visa! I really need your support!


I want to go to Singapore and stay 1 month searching for a job. I will do my best!

If I find a job and I can get a visa, I will live there and work to provide my family!

I really need this opportunity, so I hope you can help me! Every little help would be really appreciated!

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