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Help feed abandoned Filipino street kids for Xmas & beyond

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Hi my name is Clive Preece I am a Englishman now living in the Philippines. I have been here only 6 months but been coming here for 2 and a half years now. In that time I have seen things that break my heart, kids being abandoned by their parents at such a young age as their parents are unable to feed them. These innocent children are left with nothing, no food, no cloths, but most of all no one to care for them or to show them love. They must grow up beyond fast and have no childhood,  you see the older of the street kids trying to be parents when they are just children them selfs. In this world we live in today this should not be but it is as there are too many selfish rich people and governments that turn a blind eye to this sort of thing. With the money I aim to raise I will do my best to help feed and clothe as many off theses children as the money donated will let me. This is not something that can be fixed over night, it may never be fixed in mine or your lifetime but at least myself and you who donate  can say we done what we could and did not sit back and watch as these kids die on the streets of hunger well we eat until our bellys are full. Christmas is coming but for these kids it's just another day they have to survive please help me help them smile this Christmas and beyond. I have set up a fb page "Helping  Philippines street kids " where I will post content showing what your money has be used for and the smiles u would of created by donating. Thank u for your time in reading this now let's make a difference together. 

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