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Create a technology platform so that we no longer have to worry about the phone without electricity!

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Hi everyone!

I am Lucas from Taiwan.

Now we are preparing to develop a platform based on ‘shared mobile power’ in Taiwan. The primary goal is to make life easier for everyone.

Development of internet industry that growth fast

Mobile phones are almost the most needed items for everyone’s daily life. The future development is even more endless. As the new features of mobile phones change with each passing day, Developments such as Apple Pay, Uber, and Ubereats all require ‘mobile phones'.

Based on that case, my team and I thinking about some idea. And the initial idea was from last year, we start evaluating, preparing to execute this idea from a couple months ago.

I hope everyone whose use our platform will no longer has to worry about not having wires, The phone has no power, Mobile power forgets to charge and so on, life ‘pain point’, Feel free to go out and enjoy!

About our platform

Our platform is not just a simple mobile power rental platform.

We Also hope to accumulate through the users of our web platform, To help the merchants who set up with us, Achieve higher efficiency O2O flow guidance, Promote the consumption of users in the business.

We will try to cover the whole Taipei city and bring the most convenient mobile power rental platform to the society. We will definitely expand to other city when the company is stable.

I work together with my team member, they all are a professional on their special field that can support on this project.

My background also support on this project, with all together working on the special field on right place, we believe that this project will be progress well.

We need your support to keep this project keep on going

Beside i already have talented people that work together in right place, we also need to financial support.

Everybody know that to make a thecnology, the cost are not that cheap.To build up a mobile power rental life platform, his business need very good software and hardware which is going to bring the best customer experience for our user. Good hardware and software need quite amount of fund and it will increase as the coverage growing.

we are working to make this project come true. Currently, We are evaluating cost and spending now, if it is doable in the beginning, we want to launch our first round and start service the society.

we are also currently negotiating with a lot of different spot such as, shipping mall, karaoke, movie theatre, hospital and so on. Spot chosen is a crucial factor for this business

Details on needed funds

To complete this project and mass produce till distribute it, i need about $2,000,000 TWD ($65,500USD). That is a huge amount to make this project became true. I hope everyone can support us help us to make this project cmae true!


We currently on progress to develop this technology,

We estimated to launch on June or July, so we wish to get everything done by the end of May.

We will really grateful with any kind of your support to develop this technology!

thank you so much in advance!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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