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Foundation for the Aged Parents that needs Medical Attention in Nigeria

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Good day everyone!

My name is Osuji from Nigeria. I work at a NGO called "God cares health organization"

We will have big event at February 28th and we seeking more support to funding this project.

About God Care Health Organization (GCHO)

God Care Health Organization (GCHO) is a registered organization in Nigeria since 2016. I had been working there since then.

We helped ageing people based on health problem. Currently, ageing people in Nigeria reached high enough resident.

The purpose of this organization is for taking care of aged people who needs medical attentions and provide shelters. Very soon we are going to extent all over the world and have international representative .

We planned to held a big event at February

At the 28 February, we planned an event to help aged people at several hospital in Nigeria close to Owerri city.

We already planned this event several months ago and we hoping and expect to help about 500 elderly at hospital and several whose doesn't have proper place to live or need medical assistance.

Because this is big event, the cost also big. Until now, we got assist from Nigerian government, but for this event, we still need more amount to cover what we needs.

Collected funds will distribute to the eldery who needs help based on priority

As this a big event and expect able to help about 500 elderly, the funds needed is about $5,000. However we also got some support from government. But as much many donation collected, it will able to help more elderly in Nigeria.

We also currently on our process to make our organization bigger and became international organization, that is why we need more funds to realize our goal.

We need a support from all over the world, your help and your sincerity will be much appreciated.

May God bless you and than you for your help

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