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Help Mom: A continuous battle from stage 4 breast cancer

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Hello everyone, my name is Geneveve from Philippines.

My mom suffered from cancer since 2016. She is still fight with cancer until now.

My mom need to do the chemotherapy every week, currently our family is at financial drain and we didn't attend chemotherapy process for about 1 month long. I am here asking for your kind heart so we can continue my mom chemotherapy and her medication.

My mom fight with cancer since 2016

At January 2016, my Mom was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. It was not easy for the family especially for my Mom to accept that condition.

It took us some time before my mom decided to do medical procedures considering as well our financial resources. When she finally had her surgery (mastectomy) it was already STAGE 3C breast cancer, with 12 out of 15 lymph nodes taken where positive of cancer and some small nodules were already seen in her lungs. She immediately had 6 cycles chemotherapy (every 21 days).

After the cycle, the nodules seen in her lungs shrunk. She then, continue with 31 days radiation therapy. However, every after the therapy she was having chills and fever and cries for severe pain in her pelvic and backbone. Seeing our mom in that condition tears our heart apart.

The cancer growth and turn to Stage 4

We can do nothing but to make her feel how much we love her and only if we can took those pain away from her. After the therapy, she had again her scans.

This time, the cancer cells has gone through her bones it was already STAGE 4. And the nodules in her lungs become active. Her left lung is accumulating so much water which caused her difficulty in breathing (Pleural effusion). She had again surgery to take those water in her lungs.

My mom get weaker, and lose weights. She can't sleep at night due to severe pains. Tumor seeding was also seen in her operated breast. With her condition, her doctor told us to prepare ourselves for any unfavorable circumstance to happen. We're full of hope and prayerful no matter what. We know our Mom is strong and fighting against her condition and God is helping us with this battle.

Mom start another chemotherapy this year, but we cannot continue due the lack of funds

May 2019, she started again chemotherapy to manage the pain.

From last scans the water in her lungs has lessen and nodules shrunk. We can see the progress in her. This is still a long fight for my Mom and for us. Until now she is having a weekly chemotherapy

We are full short of financial resources having gone through all those medications and for another treatment. Some family and friends already extended their help to us.

Only my older sister is financially capable of providing us for our Mom's treatment, and the weekly chemotherapy is too costly that we could no longer afford.

Mom need to do weekly chemotherapy that cost $5,500 per session

Every week, my mother need to attend chemotherapy, however, we already stopped it about 1 month due lack of financial resources.

Per session of chemotherapy, it need about 288.000 Philippines peso (approx $5,500). That big amount is hard for us to get in our current condition. We really wish that there any kindhearted person whose willing to support us in any amount of money so we can continue my mom medication

I want to see my mom's smile back

With this, we are knocking in your good hearts to help us with this battle and to support my Moms medication. I'm just a daughter who wanted to live life with my Mom until she aged.

My Mom is only 46 years old. She has a good heart and deserves your help. This fund will help her ongoing treatment. Your small act of kindness means a lot to us. So as your prayers.

We'll pray as well for your health and abundance so you may continue to share and help others in need like us. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.

You may send thru: BPI Account:

Acct Name: Geneveve F. Lagaday

Acct No: 9639-0812-54

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