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We want to realize our dream of becoming comic artists

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Hello everyone, greetings from Indonesia!

My name is Amir Sidiq, I'm a beginner storyteller and my friend Rifki Fauzan, a beginner illustrator. We both has a dream to become a proffesional comic artist.

We already make several comic strip and some story illustration, however we need some private space in order we can more focus doing our job properly.

I interested on writting on story since i was young, i met a talented ilustrator this early year

Since i was young, i like to make a original story, writing a story. I also sometimes participated on a writing short story event.

I was thinking if it will be great if i can make a comic so the reader will able to more enjoy my story. However, i couldn't draw well,

In early of january 2019, i met my friends whose able to make an illustrator and have good sense of design. We planned to make a cooperation on that time.

We started to execute our plan last September

As what we planned at the early of January, we finally able to produce some of our work creation at the end of September.

We produce some comic strip, and published it on our instagram, please kindly check our creation on @duniakasim_

At the moment, we currently on a new project to publish weekly, and our project is about action genre. We published our work at website called ""

Every week, we need to submit our artwork and if not, we will got some consequence

We need a bigger space workplace so we can more focus in produce our artwork

We already have the equipment to digitally draw, such as pen tablets and PCs, although they are still limited, the only obstacle we have is the place. We are still worked in my parent's house, while parents do not support our dreams. Therefore we need a fee to rent a house for one year. Why one year? Because in my area to rent a house must be paid at least one year.

By have our private workplace, hopefully we can be more focused and more productive and our comics can be published on a profit platform.

However, as my current self, i only able manage my daily needs, we are lack of funds to rent a place.

Details on needed funds

As a rent house in my area, it is necessary to rent for minimum 1 year, and it cost for about IDR10.000.000 (approx $1,000) , all of the collected funds will be use for rent a house, as a year going, we believe we will able make a profit from our work and able to rent a house by ourselfes,

Please help Our dream

Big or small your help will be very useful for us and also be our encouragement. So that we can achieve our goals and prove ourselves to the family and be an inspiration for others, especially for people who have the same dream as us.

We will be very grateful with your help even by share this project too,

Thank you so much in advance!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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