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I want to raise funds to publish my novel

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I am from colombia, my name is Stefania, nice to meet you!

When i was young, i like to write a story, and i have a dream to able to publish a novel written by myself.

I start my passion when i 13 years old

I write poetry since I was 13 years old

For me, I like to tell stories because it is a way of moving to dream places. It is a way of living emotions to the fullest and giving them free rein.

By my own means and with the help of the family, I published a book of poetry with the printing press of Valle del Cauca.

I took 300 copies and sold them by my own means. The picture below is myself when I am in an interpreted reading of a work I wrote.

I post some of my inspiration words at my blog and my instagram

I like to write what I feel, it is a way to free myself and feel better, look for metaphors and turn every thought into prose.

Not only by making a novel, sometimes i put my feeling to words and write it online in my blogspot and my instagram, feel free to follow me in my site!

I want to publish My novel on my birthday!

I started writing the novel in 2010 and year after year I was adding experiences until the time came when I knew I was ready.

I want to publish Invisible, my fiction novel, it is the story of a 19-year-old girl who feeling oblivious to her surroundings creates an invisible world to get away from her reality. This story with an existential, caricature and poetic dye travels to the past, present and future, demolishes the known planes and places itself in those fantasies that we all have at some time.

I wish I could publish the book in April, for my birthday. I raise funds because I don't have the means to publish. I wish I could do it with the publishing house planet and they quoted me everything, the design, the publication in bookstores etc.

Please help me realize my dream

I have decided to carry out a crowdfunding project, which allows me to pay for the dream of publishing with Grupo Planeta, if I get support from my acquaintances first, my project will be visible to users around the world and I will be able to receive support from many people. What your help is very important.

All collected funds will allocated for the sake of my dream, for the design, the publication in bookstores etc.

I will be really grateful for your support, and share to my project!

Thank you in advance!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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