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Fast Wash car wash revolution in Riohacha

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Hello everyone!

My Name is Angel Oñate Castro, I am a 26 Year Old Young Entrepreneur from Riohacha, Colombia.

I have a carwash business at Riohacha and i would like develop it became a better one. My project is called Fast Wash Self-Wash.

I started my carwash business since 2018

I have been working in the carwash as a Manager which is my own business, since November 2018.

At that time until this time, My business has already started with the car washing services in a traditional way. In the future, i would like to develop my business became better.

I would like to make Fast Wash Self-Wash.

I order to develop my business, i planned to make fast wash self-wash. By that, people will able to wash their car faster by themself and will save more time.

I want to revolutionize in car washing in Riohacha, Colombia by implementing an automatic washing machine that performs this activity in 5 minutes and reduces the environmental impact.

However, i necessary to bought machine that is expensive.

The The automatic car washing machine is too expensive for us

The automatic washing machine is called Car Wash Touchless DY W200D from Yancheng Machinery

I need more than $1,500 but with that I could cover some commitments made to pay for the transport of an automatic washing machine, which increased dramatically due to the increase in the dollar, and I had to incur some commitments to cover the surplus.

One of the biggest difficulties is that the company is a little below the breakeven point, we are selling approximately US $ 2000 monthly and the expenses are US $ 2500, the machine price increase for the dollar increase from 1US 3200 to 1US 3500 with respect to the Colombian peso and in turn transport

Details of needed funds

The collected funds will be use for buy the automatic car washing machine and all necesary things such as the transport, and we would like to raise $1500


I would like to finish my project on January, because of the deadlines that I have for the payments of the commitments, although I could extend it more time if there is little to meet the goal.

I would really appreciate your cooperation with all my heart, whoever helps me could have a free wash in our automatic washing machine

Thanks to all who support me ..

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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