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My dream: To open a fashion shop in Vietnam!

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Hello! My name is Hai Yen and I live in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

My dream, since I was a child, was open my own shop of fashion. Now, I want to finally fulfill my dream!

When I was about to fulfill my dream

I love fashion since high school. My favourite style is vintage and bohemian, so that's the style of shop I wanted to open.

I was about to do it once, to be sincere. My mother-in-law borrowed money to me and my husband to be able to open the shop.

Then, I bought cloths and prepared to open, but due to some problems it wasn't how I imagined. I was pregnant during that time, but I lost my child by miscarriage. I wasn't able to keep the bussiness because of that.

My mother-in-law was mad at me and wanted me to give her back all the money she borrowed and my husband asked for the divorce.

I want to have another chance

To be able to give back the money I received, I had to liquidate all the clothes and say goodbye to my dream.

I felt really depressed and frustrated. If I want to reopen my shop, I would need money again. My parents can't help me because they have no money at all. I can't apply for a loan because of the debts. I was totally hopeless.

But then, I've found Airtripp Funding, my chance to make my dream come true!

I need to start a new life and be happy again. Please, help me!

Details on needed funds

To begin, I would like to get material to sell. I will use the only savings that we have left, so what I need is $ 1000 to start making my dream come true!


The truth is that I need a lot of money to make possible the shop of my dreams. If I get clothes I could start selling, even if I don't have a proper place, and start making some benefits that allow me go to the next step.

I'll work hard to get enough savings to create the shop I always imagined!

I would appreciate every little help! Thank you very much!

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