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Sharing opportunity to local Thai dancing coach : KPOP Class

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1. The initial Idea

▫️According to my professional in wellness and playfulness, I would like to make a project campaign called "Let me try it with you: Dance Series". Which allows me to travel and try all dance movements and cultures all around the world with an exchanging of my Thai culture. The important part is I'll bring one of talent dancer, coach, or Thai dancing teacher who doesn't have an opportunity to shine but has a full of the capability to develop themselves to try other countries dancing movement. 

▫️I would like to give the opportunity to Thai local teacher, especially the young generation to see the different world and bring some new ideas to Thailand.  I believe in cultivating the greatest teacher because the teacher can also cultivate potential future children in the future. Also, I believe in giving and sharing so my society can have a better perspective and better nation.

2. The continuing project: Sodanceity 

▫️Recently, I am having my own Facebook fan page called "Sodanceity", it starts from my interests right after I graduated my MBA from the University of Exeter, UK. I have worked for 8 years before my MBA life and realised how to imply my management knowledge to my real ability. Therefore, I started my own humble business aiming a local and medium class market. Dancing lesson in Thailand is very expensive and very competitive because of a high demanding from a family which expect their kids to have as much as talents they can. Moreover, the opportunity always goes to the main city and tourist attraction such as Bangkok area. However, local people and children who are living far away from the main city do not have a full opportunity to develop their skills and talents. Sodanceity is created in a chaper dancing price compare to ohers because I would like to give the opportunity to those who cannot afford a higher price. Also, I believe that Thai kids should have an equal opportunity to see the different management system all around the world. When I travel with them, they would not only learn new cultures with joys but they can bring some innovation from abroad back to Thailand. 

3. How to start my project after a supportive from an Airfunding?

3.1 I would like to use this money to invest in video production to create brand awareness on my page and project. It is very important because people nowadays tend to watch a video than reading. My idea is to create a video content of "Let me try it with......(blank space will be a name of place, product, things, or whatever that I am going to try)"

3.2 Contact a famous dancing studio especially aiming for KPOP dancing studio. In Thailand, KPOP is very famous and have a high demand from customers. I would like to use this opportunity to try a famous dancing class and experiment with Korean cultures. The video will be published on potential social media such as Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook.   

3.3 Creating a campaign "Dance with me Sodanceity" which I will make a contest seeking local talent around Thailand and bring them to try a global dancing in different countries in the future.

3.4 Research and Development for a long-term business strategy of Health and Wellness online.

4. Returning my gratitude to all my supporters.

▫️If my project was successful, I would like to invite all supporters from all around the world to chat with me LIVE and receive my gratefulness through my channel. Also, I would love to give SODANCEITY dancing shirt to you as a little gift from my heart.

I would be happy if you could use the [Help by sharing] button to share about my project!

Thank you very much from the greatest passion lady from Thailand...


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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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