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Permanent help to a community.

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Who am I?

Wanderlei José Barros, Accountant, Micro Businessman.

Despite the challenges, from a very young age, my wife and I, Vilma Rejane Lima de Araújo Barros, have shared ideals and beliefs that it is possible to help those in need and we have done so for over 30 years, always in accordance with our conditions, both materially and spiritually. We believe so:

- Out of Charity there is no salvation ... (Allan Kardec)

- It is by giving that one receives ... (São Francisco de Assis)

- What I do is a drop in the ocean, but without this drop the ocean would be smaller ... (Mother Tereza)

- Nobody is so poor that they can't offer anything ...

Why the Tabatinga Community?

From 1992 to 2012

In 1990 in a real estate transaction I met this community. In one exchange I acquired a plot of land in Tabatinga. There we built a small house that we sold after a few years, however, this little fact made us maintain affective ties with the people living there. It is a community of extremely deprived Indian and Quilombola descendants, which led us to do some things for those people, however small and within our means.

From 1991 to 2012, always on December 25th, Christmas Day, we made the community Christmas. On this day we brought everyone a snack, toys for children, some basic baskets and some gifts for adults, as well as used clothes we had collected during the year. We have done this for 21 years, all with our own resources. Unfortunately, due to the financial crisis, we had to stop (2013) because we were no longer alone.

In the meantime, we kept some types of community assistance, such as getting some medicine, bringing someone in for surgery and keeping it in our home, we also helped to achieve social benefits such as retirement and other things when requested.

Note This 21-year-old activity has always been performed under the shade of a tree (Mangueira).

What we intend to do in Tabatinga / Macaíba / RN Community

From 2018

Spiritist for 13 years, my wife and I observed that the Spiritist Institution REVIVER, which we have been attending for a little over 2 years, is more focused on the Study of the Doctrine and maintains a small social activity in the making of some trousseau (1 to 3 trousseaux per month). Vilma I was invited this year to be part of the board of this institution, occupying the position of vice president. Feeling the need to expand social work we joined some workers who were sensitized by the idea. We also got the collaboration of friends from other spiritist houses. We are now 20 Workers sensitized with the idea of this project that will take the name PRAVIDA (Love to Life Project).

As is well known throughout our country is going through a serious public security crisis, Natal / RN and considered the 3rd most violent city in the world, for security reasons and concerned about the people involved in the project, as well as By existing ties with the Tabatinga Community, I decided to go back to the community, make a diagnosis and see the needs. Unfortunately I found that in these five years that I let go of the situation has worsened, because today the rate of pregnant teenagers is much higher, youth and adult alcoholism is a scary thing. Idleness, diseases and especially high rates of people with cancer and other ills.

Note: Without going into merit, consequences of institutionalized corruption, installed in our country in recent years.

We decided that we would go to the community once a month bringing whatever was possible with material goods, as well as an orientation lecture without the purpose of converting people to SPIRITIST, but rather to orientate people to GOOD and GOOD.

I got the financial help of eight friends who contribute R $ 50.00 (fifty reais) per month. The first contact was on October 14 last. Past. I gave a lecture and a team played a lot with the kids while the adults watched the lecture. We serve a lunch for the people present, around 130 people.

I talked about my joy in returning to the community and explained that our project will always be visiting them on the second Sunday of each month. I explained that we will be taking whatever we can, in material terms, as well as words of comfort, consolation, and friendship.

In December, we intend to make Christmas Community, and from then on, every month we go, taking, besides the lectures, social activities like haircuts, personal hygiene actions, medical / pharmaceutical care, essential goods, like basic food baskets. the most needy, medicines and whatever else possible, always relying on the goodwill of friends.

It was all very rewarding.

“We have a lot of dreams and projects, the need to serve is great, but surely they will only be realized and especially continued if ANGELS sent by Jesus come together, as someone has said thousands of years ago,” Where two or more come together in my name, there I will be present “

Vilma R.L.A.Barros – (84) 999112724

Wanderlei J.Barros – (84) 988904062

Instagram : @projetopravidarn

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