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Hello everyone in Indonesia and around the world

My name is Agus Junaidi, people called me Agus. And i am from riau, Indonesia.

I have a lot of debt and loan leasing to support my family lives. I ask for help from all of you who are generous.

About my life journey

I am from Kembang Mekar Sari Village, Keritang District, Inhil Regency, Riau. My last education was high school graduate.

I am a nomads in the city of Pekanbaru. In this city is a newly developing city that still has few jobs and many unemployed.

I am a former employee of a minimarket retail company. But I resigned because my parents were sick and I wanted to take care of him but could not get enough leave from where I worked. I was forced to quit my job even though I was still in debt.

My current salary is not enough to support my family, we life in limitations

I am currently experiencing financial difficulties for my daily living expenses. such as to buy rice, buy kitchen supplies, pay for electricity and so on.

Sometimes I only get Rp.20,000 ($2) to 50,000 ($5) per day even sometimes not at all. Because my job is only as a motorcycle taxi driver who is still less of customers. Even to cover my daily needs, sometimes I have to owe it to others.

I also need money to do a medical check up on my wife. Sometimes my wife complains of stomach pain. When in control with the doctor, the doctor said that she had thickening of the uterine wall, and was given medicine worth Rp.117,000 ($10) per tablets and must be consumed for 3 months long. If nothing changes, then my wife must be curetted. I also don't really know how much the curette treatment costs.

I want to clear my debt and repair my house

In order to support my family needs, i had decided to take a loan. It became complicated for me right now is that I am being billed everywhere and I cannot afford to pay because my income is very below average.

I also have a dream to rebuild my old house that currently in bad condition. I hope our house can be build again and my family get a proper place to called "house"

I am not only stay quiet, i Hoping to become a permanent employee, I have applied for various retail and service companies. But haven't received an interview call. Because indeed where I live it is very difficult to find work.

Details on needed funds

The total of debts i used about Rp.21,000,000 ($1500) with the details below:

Your help will truly meaningful for my family

I am very grateful and happy for the willingness of all of you who have helped my problem.

May what you have given to me be rewarded from the God, be generous, get the best career and predicament and wish him the best possible happiness.

Aamiin ...

Thank you so much for your help, i also will glad if you could help to share my project.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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