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Please help my friend out of a financial difficulty!

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Hi everyone! Greetings from Singaopre.

I am here raising funds in purpose to help my friends that currently facing difficulty, she needs to get out of a tight spot.

My friend is a hard working person

I had know my friend since 2014. We had been became a good friend sice then

She is a kind and intelligent person who has been taken for granted too many times. She regrets following others in the college course and so she can’t do much with her current certificate in western culinary. She suffers from major depression (clinically diagnosed) but I am proud of her for starting to chase her own dreams. She just needs some help with money to get back on her feet.

She has a dream to pursuing a diploma in info tech major.

My friend is from a lower-middle income family. Her parents are forcing her to find and settle in a job, but she can’t find one she wants with the certificates she has.

Currently, she is struggling her life by her own. She need to buy food, medication, school fee, tec by herself. her parents don’t provide it for her at all.

She plan to work as delivery worker while study in college.

Your donations will be used to help her get a kick-start on her job as a delivery worker and for her education.

However, she needs a motor license to get a job to became a delivery worker. Why she choose became a delivery worker? because that job have a flexible schedule. So she can matched with her college too.

With the money she got from delivery, she will able to support herself to go to college and pursue her dream.

Details on needed funds

All of the collected funds will be delivered to my friend directly,

Along with her current savings + the $300, it should be more than enough to pay for her motor license. Though, I forgot to mention that she may need to use some of the money for food and transport to get through this period.

I really wish any kindhearted people could give hand and support my friend!

Any amount of your help will be trully appreciated, thank you so much!

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