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For my dad's surgery in Venezuela

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Hi everyone...! First of all, thank you very much for your time to read my proposal,

I am Reina Peña Venezolana, currently in Chile for 3 years. I work here in the area of beauty as a technician in Nails

From here I have been able to sustain the medical treatment and living expenses of my family in Venezuela. I have to emigrate due to the political and economic circumstances that my country is going through.

Father's health worsens

We received a diagnosis about 7 months ago after several medical exams. Unfortunately, my 73-year-old father Merideño, a Venezuelan and retiring senior has had serious health problems, which have prevented them from walking and sitting due to severe Medullary Obstruction,

This medical condition causes severe pain that he has been able to control with indicated medications; but recently the Neurosurgeon indicated that he needs surgery soon, otherwise he could become paralyzed.

I wish to be there and give my support and warmth as a daughter but I could not support her treatment from there, I don't think my financial situation would allow me to go back to Venezuela.

The necessary plan and cost

The truth is, I don't have money. but I know and I trust that we will be able to gather it with the help and contribution you can give, so that my dad can carry out the operation in February 2020.

After some observation, doctors gave the diagnosis that he needed an operation to release the medullary obstruction, but we do not have that amount, which is 2,000 thousand dollars.

Help me take care of my father in Venezuela

My father wishes to be able to walk again and try to use his rest of life in a more pleasant and enjoyable way that he does not have to be bedridden. I wish I could get your support. I do pray that God will multiply your kind help by 70 - 100 times .

I have nothing left to say but Thank you !!! Many thanks, Thank you all, Thanks God and Thanks the universe for the abundance, learning and for the Blessings we have each day. Thanks God because I believe that my father will be able to get his surgery with everyone's help ..✨✨

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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