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Raising funds to save the sick cat #集资 #Acute peritonitis to open the knife #with pancreatitis #postoperative treatment #blood transfusion treatment

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Hello everyone,

Since the operation on 6/15, hundreds of thousands of yuan is really not the cost that ordinary people can get, and it is definitely not a number that can raise funds in one or two days; and I drag it to It’s only this time to post articles to raise funds and struggle for a long time. It is nothing more than understanding that there will be too many voices.

I need help for the surgery

But under the impact of the salary cut under the epidemic, I have asked relatives and friends for help In addition, the pigmy needs a blood transfusion recently, and it is really out of ammunition and food...I don't want to give up on him like this, even when he has been trying very hard to live.

The surgery schedule

#Surgery date: 110/06/15 around 3-5 pm

#Surgery hospital: Bell Animal Hospital

# Attending surgeon: Dr. Cai Shengyang

#Surgery and examination items: (The details of the hospital information below) The cost of 6/15 is about 48,000 yuan, which includes the outpatient service, the day’s examination fee, and the anesthesia surgery fee , Placement of esophageal feeding tube and hospitalization cost 6/16 that day, the hospitalization cost is about 8400 yuan, which includes drip, all medications, blood tests and night doctors' care.

On 6/17, the hospitalization fee is about 5,000 yuan, including intravenous drip, all medications, blood tests and nasal feeding tube placement operation costs.

He does not want to give up his life that is still working hard to fight the disease.

At present, I have slightly confirmed the daily payment with the hospital

#When the checkout, the hospital will be asked to issue the bill and publish the website for netizens to confirm


In the past half a month, I have exhausted all resources and overspent my energy. I accidentally had a car accident when I returned to the clinic...

Maohai has been utterly unconscious when he is sick, and I have really reached the limit of what I can do.

I don't want to give up his life that he is still struggling to fight the disease.

To be honest, if I could not trouble everyone today, I would not make such a move!

But the current situation of the pig mi is

1) There is no foreign body in the gastrointestinal tract and it is healthy, and there is no intestinal puncture caused by cysts. Acute peritonitis surgery has been performed.

2) The repair period is long, and the patient has not eaten too much before the operation, and will repeatedly vomit and nausea (it is easy to #膠Nausea and vomiting cannot eat enough calories, there will be #malnutrition problems, and antiemetic injections and infusions are needed to supplement basic nutrition.

4) Poor gastrointestinal motility during the postoperative recovery period, so small and frequent meals must be performed. Draw first and then feed-the doctor found that the pig mie's gastrointestinal tract after the operation gradually recovered peristalsis, but very slowly, the feeding and absorption situation is improving, but the damage was severe before, and there is a large amount of gastric juice in the stomach, which will cause discomfort/ Vomiting, so you have to take out a few tubes of gastric juice before feeding each time.

5) The most terrifying thing about repeated vomiting/anorexia is #Oral medication and basic food nutrition can't eat enough #Because you spit out after feeding, you can only rely on esophageal tube feeding, drip infusion... .


These symptoms are still reincarnating and repeating...but Zhu Mi has been improving! When energetic, he will respond like the previous chat mode. It's just that such treatment at this stage takes time, and it also means that money is being burned every day.

6) Furthermore, because of his continuous decrease in blood volume ratio, there are some patients with anemia, but the number of red blood cells decreases even more because of the increase in white blood cells in order to resist the bacteria.

In the past few days, he will need a blood transfusion so that he will not be in an anemic state and he will be more powerful to fight the disease.

Finally, I hope everyone can help.

It’s really the last step that I will ask you all. Everyone has their own difficulties during this period. I don’t want anyone to misunderstand me using Zhumi to make money, because this is really his life-saving money. Thank you.

#求帮Repost to help expose

#A hundred thousand yuan is not a small number#imple everybody to help #集少成多

#Recover the health of the pig mi Opportunity

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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