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Please help,I haven't enough money for an operation!!!

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Hello, my name is Vladislav Rud. I got into an accident when I was going home from one city to another. We were driving along the highway, during the night. First of all, the passenger was me. When I was taken to hospital, I've had slight bruises and slight concussion, I was left in hospital for a couple of days, for the full examination. After a while, I'm getting worse. They began to look for a reason, why my condition is worse, day after day. And now I've completed two weeks of examinations and my diagnosis is: Idiopathic pulmonary hypertension (3 stage),Pulmonary sclerosis,relative failure of tricuspid valve (3 stage) and the relative insufficiency of the pulmonary artery valve.C.H.F IIA-B,II functional class,pulmonary HTN crisis.Please,I need your help!

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