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My daughter has retinoblastoma

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Warm greeting, everyone!

I am from Chile, i am here seeking support for my dearest daughter whose have retinoblastoma.

As the doctor mentioned, she need to do treatment for her lifetime, we asking for your support to lighten our burden.>

My daughter has problem with her eyes since she was born

Since my daughter, Leah was born she has one eye bigger than the other.

Because her pediatrician doubt has, we took her to the ophthalmologist, when making a fundus, she managed to realize that my daughter has two tumors in her right eye , one of them it is 3 mm from the retina and the other in one of its nostrils. after that an ocular ultrasound was performed.

Leah has 3 tumor on her right eyes, end 1 tumor on her left eyes

After an ocular ultrasound was performed, which let us see beyond what the doctor failed to see, in less than a week this It has reproduced and now has 3 tumors in the right eye and one left in his left eye, we do not know if she can lose his eye,

That is the result on her right eye

and that is the tumor found at her left eye

We just told that Leah needed to do resonance every year

Leah now just a 5 months old baby girl. Just a few days ago, we were told exactly that the baby's treatment is for life, she must have a fundus and a resonance every year.

Doctor also said that leah need to do chemotherapy, since this cancer can take another tumor anywhere in the body. They will do chemotherapies until they see how much the tumor reduced and there, they will tell us if you can burn those tumors with laser.

Our income are not enough to cover leah's medication

I want to raise money is because with a minimum salary it does not yield us to pay rent, to pay for her medicines when her defenses are lowered, it is not enough for us to cover all the things she needs, diapers, wipes, fruits because he already eats only fruits, we have to move apart but we have something left in the hospital of the apartment where we are staying.

I cannot give an estimate of when your treatment ends because your treatment is for life.

Please Support Us

Leah will start a very strong treatment for her soon, and we need to cover many expenses that are not within our economic reach .I would appreciate all the possible help, since it only has 5 months and this malignant cancer progresses very fast.

as a mother what I least want is that my daughter loses the privilege of seeing. I want my daughter able to see this beautiful and colorful world. Any kind of your help, will be truly meaningful for leah. We will greatly appreciated it. Thank you so much!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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