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My colorful world. Poems, photos, observations, thoughts.

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I want to raise funds for publishing a book of my poems. I really love nature and watch it. I photograph a lot at home and while traveling. And often during the observation of some insect or rose, or the full moon, lines of verses come to me. I publish them on my pages of social networks. I have regular readers, and one of the fans came up with the idea - to publish a book. But let it be not just a book of poetry, but a book of poetry with photographs, so that the reader sees the picture, which served as the reason for writing poetry. In order to publish a book, I need the help of a designer, layout designer, payment for ISBN and printing. About 200 verses, respectively, the same number of photographs. Poems are short, and there are long. For example, the photo posted here,

nature, May evening at our city pond, inspired me to such a poem:

Outside the window, Izhevsk flickers, And the tram slowly sneaks, The witch rides into the evening forest, Caught a moment of the departing sun. There is calm silence, Nightingales sing like crazy, The wave washes a transparent wave, And the trees stand centuries-old. In the ship pines the Wind is gentle and restless, The Witch is on It will stand and understand the breadth of expanse. May grasses fragrant whisper In her ear she whispers something else, Gently hide a machine stomp A strip of woodland, A witch touches a tree, And sees pictures of the past, That is gone and will never come back, Beyond thoughts and words. How beautiful that moment is unity With oneself and nature in harmony, Shake off shocks, doubts, Avert failure - misfortune. Homeland, you feed us by force, You feed your beauty with your eyes, You can’t live without you - You know, Blossom, have fun, good!

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