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Serving free meals in the tribal area

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Hello everyone,I would like to humbly urge everyone to donate for my campaign 'service to humanity is service to the god'.Your donations will go towards feeding people during the highly pious Ati Maha Rudra Yagna being held near Chanwada village, Dabhoi Taluka, City: Vadodara, State: Gujarat from 21st to 25th February 2020.This most sacred yagna is an immensely enlightening and religious gathering of people done for the welfare and happiness of the entire world .Organized by the Himalayan saints and yogis in India 🇮🇳 , this is once in a lifetime experience.Discourses and workshops on meditation and mindfulness .This is for strengthening the idea of Vasudeva kutumbakam-(whole world is my family )for bringing awareness and peace all over the world .Feeding the homeless, thousands of needy people from all over india would be given free meals and accommodation for these 5 days free of cost.This event is an opportunity to participate and donate for the prosperity and peace of everyone  on the planet 🌎 You little gesture of kindness will bring smiles to the faces of thousands ! Please donate. Every penny helps!! Thank you.

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