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Help my son to continue studying in University

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Hello everyone!

I am a single mother of 3 children from Indonesia.

I raising funds for the sake of my children in order to get an ideal knowledge and help to fullfil my son's dream to study in University.

I raising my 3 childrens by myself

I am a widowed, I have 3 childrens and all of them currently study and will start to study.

My first daughter is a vocational high school student grade 3. It will be her last year and she will graduate soon. She joined beauty majors at her school and in the future she will be focusing on beautician in order to pursue her career.

My only boy, is my 2nd children. He is currently at the first year of high school. My son really wanted to be a teacher as his dream career. and my youngest child is 4 years old, she will enroll to kindergarten soon.

It is been already about 5 years that i raising my 3 childrens by myself. My husband left me, work at different island and never came back.

I only depend from my income by selling drinks and juice from my home while took care my childrens and household things.

My Son have dream to became a teacher

My son, Kadek always told me that he wanted to be a teacher in the future.

In order to become a teacher, he needs at least to finish his study by university, in bachelor degree.

However, to enroll in university is not cheap. Especially i need to take care and support my 3 childrens by myself

My son always keep his pocket money for his study in university

Even Though he is still 1st grade of high school, he is so kindhearted and doesn't want to burden his parent by his dream.

Knowing that university fee is expensive, the daily pocket money that i give to him, he always keep it at his personal piggybank for university study purpose.

Not only that, he also joined an extracurricular and some competition of jujitsu. By joining that, he wishing that he able to get kind of scholarshipin or additional prize in order to less burden the school fee.

He also told me that if he is able to enter the university, he will do a part time job as a motorbike taxi driver to support his school fees.

I really want to support my son dream and let him focus on his study more and achieve his dream, that is why i make this project.

University entrance fees cost about 15 million rupiah

As I mentioned before, i only a single mother that works by selling a drink at home. Beside raising 3 childrens, i also need to pay out the debts that my ex husband left me.

That huge amount of money is difficult to bear alone, however i really wants to support my son's dream to become a teacher, since he seriously pursuing his dream.

please help me to realize the ideals of my child, any amount of support will really help my son to achieve his dream,

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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