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We're a Colombian techology startup dedicated to offer services to other technology companies, specially to small industries. Our mission is to boost the capabilities of these companies through out of our services portafolio. Which is generalizated in: 

* IT Engineering

* Presales Engineering

* Sales team development

* Speciallized Projects

After a research we conclude that these kind of services are the baseline of these companies but do not have all the availability to execute them as they usually promise, there is where we become the strategic allied of these enterprises; if we help them to be better, we can grow as a company with them. 

Our second goal is to be an amazing place to work. How are we doing this?:

* Our collaborators are first on every decision and strategy.

* We offer the posibility that our collaborators can grow up with us as an individual, without especting them to be with us for the their rest of their lifes. "Stay with us for the the time you'll be happy with us". 

* We are completely objective focused, nor just working hours focused. 

* We always look to have a greate enviroment to work.

* We have an space open to communication, innovation and construction of productive relationship.

* And there are more on which we are working on...

We've just started this journey by may 2019 with less than USD 800, then we were able to inject USD 2.000 to the project and then another USD 1.500. Having in mind that in Colombia the minimal legal salary is USD 272. The total investment until now has been USD 4.300. 

In revenue the total has been USD 3.876. Without making any marketing activity, just by referals. Our goal by 2020 - 2021 is to positionate and consolidate in the market and keep working to be a Humanized IT company, nor just a binary system, if not a company with heart. 

Most of the oppportunities that we work take like 3 to 6 months to close and to be billed. So the cash flow is a little bit slow. We are going to use the collected money to improve our cash flow.

Let's make it possible together!!!

Thank you!

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