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I'm disabled. Please help me to repair the roof

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Hello friends all around the world!

My name is Olesya from Ukraine, I got a disability of groups 2 and unable to work.

I am here asking your good heart to help me to repair the roof of my house

I am a disabled person

A few years ago, I lost consciousness and fell then my head hit the floor.

Since that, I got a disability of group 2. Disability group 2 is not working. I unable to go to work and it became difficult for me because i couldn't make stable income.

Currently, my roof are in bad condition and when it rains, the water is leaking and enter the house. It is very difficult for me alone to fix it.

I would like to repair my roof

The house in my home has a bad roof. The roof in my house is leaking every time it is raining, and it became dangerous because it can break every time.

Since i am live alone and disabled without stable income, it getting difficult for me to repair it.

I need to hire a professional and buy some material to fix the roof of my house so i can live more comfortably

I depend only from monthly pension that government give

My parents died in 2013 and 2016, i live alone at my parents house that left to me which I grew up and live.

The state of Ukraine pays me a pension of 2,000 hryvnias - this is less than $ 80. the pension amount $80 is very little for me to keep for a month long for my daily needs.

I need to pay utility bills (electricity, water, natural gas). To pay utility bills. In summer, utility bills are around $ 20. I need to save on food to able to survive and pay the bill.

That is why, i have no more saving and income to pay the technician to fix the roof of my house. I hope everyone can support me so i able to get my roof fixed.

Details on needed funds

Hired roof repair technicians made a diagnosis and said they needed to make a new roof. Roof repair materials are very expensive. The total amount i need is about $1,500 to fix my broken roof, it will be use for hired the technician, buy the roof slate, and roofing material

The payment to roof repair is very expensive for me alone. Please help me raise money for roof repairs. Your help means a lot to me. Thank you very much!

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