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Help us. My baby Diagnosis with atrophy of the optic nerve in both eyes

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Greeting friends all over the world

I am a 23 years old young mother. My son is 9 month old and he diagnosed with Atrophy of the optic nerve in both eyes. He cannot see this colorful world.

I am here seeking help from everyone to help us, i would like to get a surgery done for my son so he will able to ability to see.

My son can't see

Since my son birth, he has a problem with his eyes.

Now, My son just 10 months old, i send him to doctor and i got a heartbreaking information from his doctor,

We faced a serious problem, my son can't se,. Doctors diagnosed us that my son has Atrophy of the optic nerve in both eyes. This situation makes me feel so sad as his mother.

My son needs to perform an operation when he reached 1 years old

In connection with that situation, we wrote at the Alloplant Russian Research Center. From there, we received a response and an invitation to an operation that is performed on a child at the age of 1 year.

We really hope that my son able to see this world and see his mother and family face. When he reached 1 years old, i really want for him perform the surgery, this slight hope will be very meaningful for his future.

The surgery cost approximately $5,000

What i know, the doctor said that the fee is about $5,000.

Currently, i doesn't work and only became a housewife. my husband also doesn't have a stable job . we cannot find such huge amount to pay my son operation cost

Please help my son to get his vision

Please help us! We had the slightest hope that he able to see, and that our child would be healthy. We really need your help! I ask you to help everyone that you can in this difficult situation !!! Help my child see this beautiful life with his own eyes ... First of all, to see his own mother!

Thank you so much for your help, it means a lot for us. God Bless you!

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