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Help us save our Papa NATO

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A blessed day to all of you..

Please let me lend your time to read my story..

My father was rushed to the hospital last December 28 2019. His blood pressure was 225/190 during that time.. He can barely move and his eyes is only staring at the left direction.. By the time he got admitted to the hospital they already started some lab tests.. The CT Scan's result according to the doctor is that there was a clog in his brain which causes some parts of his body to be paralyzed.. The doctor immediately recommended a medicine that could melt the said clog.. The medicine was too expensive it costs 80,000 per piece and he needs to intake 2.. Even Though we don't have that amount of money we still decided to go through it hoping that its the best option that could heal our father. They also suggest our father to be confined in the ICU so they can monitor him properly..The next morning we visited him and we were shocked to receive a bad news.. They told us that our father wont wake up. They immediately do another CT Scan and said that there was a bleeding in his brain caused by the medicine that they've given him. They suggested to give my father a life supporting machine by inserting a tube is his mouth for he may not be able to breath if he continuous to stay asleep. It's a very painful for us to see him in that situation but we still allow them to do it because we don't want our father to die. My father was comatose according to the doctor and he suggested a surgery in his head to ease the pressure of the bleeding inside it. But we refused it because his chance of surviving is very slim.. There were no responses from our father during that time.We were starting to lose hope that time and the doctor is already asking for our decision if we already want to remove the life supporting machine from our father. Our family members gathered in our house to make a decision. We were all emotional that night. The next morning when we were about to tell the doctor about our decision. We tried to talk to our father we noticed that our father is trying to open his eyes. That time we decided to continue his medications. He is responding every time we visits him There were times that hes slightly opening his eyes and sometimes even moves his head. According to the doctor it is a good sign and its also unnecessary to make a surgery and that he may recover. We know that our father is fighting. The same as were fighting for him. But as day passes our billings in the Hospital is already growing. The hospital is already asking for at least 100,000 for deposit for our billings. The other option is that we purchase the daily medicine needs personally to somehow prevent our billings from growing.

We don't want to let go of our father because we know he is still fighting:-(

Please help us save our Papa NATO:-(

This is the only way that I think on how to ask for help  to extend my fathers life:-(


Kindly PM me if you are having problem donating through this link..

Our family will appreciate any amount that you donate.. Please help us fight for our papa NATO. We love him so much:-(

Thank You and God Bless

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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