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I really want to walk!

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Hello, my name is Gorbach Irina. I am 45 years old. I am living in Russia, Moscow with my family – husband and daughter.

I had an unlucky accident several months back that make me have difficulity on walking.

I am now a stateless person because I am no longer a citizen of Belarus, and I cannot become a citizen of Russia because of my illness I have already gone for the fifth month since I do not get up from beds ...

I fell from the hockey tribune

In august 2019 I fell down from hokey tribune.

I sat on the top rows of seats, I remember it was evening, it was dark. I stumbled and fell, rolling down about 2 meters.

For a whole week I walked freely, my leg was swollen, turned blue and hurt a little. I thought if that is a trifle, that it’s a simple bruise and everything will go away by itself. I just smeared my foot with ointments and gels from bruises. One evening I got a temperature of up to 40 degrees.

I underwent two operations to clean my legs

After i got a fever, I went to bed. In the morning, a huge black swollen bubble appeared under my knee. I was taken to the Baumanskaya 29th hospital in Moscow after that.

I underwent my first surgery, they cut my leg from the beginning of the inner thigh to the ankles. I was in intensive care for 10 days. Then I was transferred to the general ward.

In October, I underwent two more skin grafts from a healthy leg For the first time, the skin on my sore leg didn’t get accustomed enough, I had to undergo a second transplant operation.

At that time, I went to the toilet through a catheter and into the vessel, nurses changed my diapers. I did not sleep well at night, because my leg was so hurt and impossible I was sleeping on my side or on my stomach. I only slept on my back, putting a special roller under my leg. I still remember what I survived

Hospital bill and medicine bills are piled up

In total, I stayed in the hospital for 73 days. Since I am not a Russian citizen, I was discharged from the hospital after 2 months, explaining that this is all they can help me with, because I do not have a compulsory health insurance policy , which is issued to all Russians.

I was discharged from the hospital untreated and lame. I arrived home, walking on crutches, with an open, unhealed wound and with a diagnosis of NECROTIC FACCITIS OF LEFT LOWER EXTREMITY. I have been assigned the procedures of a physiotherapist, rehabilitologist and so on

And then the most difficult thing began: since I am not registered in Moscow and am not a Russian citizen, access to free medicine turned out to be closed to me.

I have 1 daughter and my husband salary barely managed for our living expenses, i already couldn't attend work because of my condition.

I turned to friends asking for help. They helped me. Helped me with money, helped with special rental medical devices for magnet therapy and electrophoresis. But i cannot depend from them continuously.

 I have been assigned special exercises for rehabilitation.

Ever since the injury, I have developed contracture due to sutures, since the scar is just below the knee at the bend. It is still very difficult to move around without crutches.

The calf muscle of the leg is very sore. Nerve endings after 2 operations to clean the infected the wounds come to life and it is extremely painful and unpleasant for me to step on a sore leg. I still walk, stepping only on my toe, I can’t step on my heel, because my foot does not reach the ground due to contracture.

My left foot is still 90 degrees bent over To stretch my leg, I need a special brace, which a rehabilitologist recommended me to buy in a medical equipment store

This special brace costs a lot of money, I don’t have that kind of money. Without it, I can’t bend my leg and stretch a scar under my knee. In the evening, when I I’m going to bed, my leg extends 120 degrees, in the morning when I wake up, my leg returns to its previous state of 90 degrees

Details on needed funds

I do not have photos of taxi bills and medicines that I spent on treatment for all this time. All these seven months I bought expensive drugs, ointments and pills. I constantly smear my foot with heparin ointment, Kontraktububeksom, drink Detralex, Phlebodia, vitamins A and E, decongestants and diuretics.

However, the total amount i spend until i write this story (27th of january) is 70 thousand rubles. or equivalent with $1,127.71.

The seventh month has gone by, as I don’t walk without crutches. Scars tighten and hold down leg. Sometimes the leg swells due to that the circulatory and lymphatic systems are disturbed. The further I am in this state, the stronger the contracture of my legs hardens and the likelihood that I someday will begin to walk normally, fully walk, as a healthy, normal person.


Thank you so much!

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