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Road to Being Healthy Again

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Hello to all the people with a good heart

My name is Jherlyn, from Cebu, Philippines.

I will start a very strong treatment, a chemotherapy to shrink my malignant mass in the right anterior abdominal wall. However, the costs are too expensive. I am looking for any good heart to help support me to get chemotherapy in full cycles.

Ultrasound check have done at 2018

It was started at December 2018, i checked myself at hospital and i found out that i have soft tissue mass in the right upper quadrant based on an ultrasound.

The next examine result was at March 2019. I did Biopsy examine and the result was a malignant small round cell tumor. Doctor said that i need further treatment and advise to do surgery.

My tumor surgery has done at 2019, but the tumor grow back and i need chemotherapy

After knowing the biopsy result, at April 2019 we decided to remove the mass, this was my first surgery to remove the malignant tumor.

I thought that i can relieved a bit after the surgery has been done, but it said different things. after the surgery, the biopsy result was Spindle Cell Sarcoma, means a cancerous soft tissue tumor

The health check still continue, At May 2019, the tumor grew back and i was advised to have chemotherapy, but i never had the chance to undergo chemo as we cannot afford.

I need to undergo 6 cycles of chemotherapy

At Dec 2019 my tumor was bleeding as it was continue growing. My family decided to pursue taking chemotherapy and my doctors advised was to take chemo first to shrink the tumor as it is difficult to remove it because of its size (now measuring 10.4 x 8 x 9.1 cm, it will result to a bigger damage. CT Scan as of Dec 31, 2019, there is new mass growing to the right iliac vessels measuring approximately 3.4 x 4.2 x 4.5 cm and was compatible with malignancy with metastasis.

Doctor suggested us to do chemotherapy for 6 cycles to shrink the cancer. However, it was difficult for us and my family to pay it due to our lack of financial.

But we don't want to give up, we look for a way and we are seeking for government assistance. It bit relieved that we are able to get a little help from them, even though it is little and couldn't cover for my full cycle of chemotherapy. My first cycle of chemo was done on 6-8 January, 2020.

My next chemotherapy cycle will be on January 27, after every 3 weeks. We are currently lacks of funds after we passed several things for my medication purposes.

1 cycle of chemotherapy cost $600

The total gathered funds will be use for my medical purpose. I need total about $3.600 to able to do 6 cycle of chemotherapy as doctor suggest.

That huge amount is hard for me and my family to cover since we are from average family. I really wish any kind hearted will help us.

Please help me to be healthy again

i consider myself as the breadwinner of the family, i have 1 children age 1 year old and 5 months, my partner doesn't have job as he is the one taking care of our child while im at work. My father is a motorcycle driver and my mother is a housewife. I also have siblings but the salary is low and cannot sustain our daily needs.

That is why i need to get back to healthy again so i can help my family again like before.

We need to cover many expenses that are not within our economic reach. I would appreciate all the possible help. Any kind of help will be truly meaningful for me. I will greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much!

Diagnosed: Spindle Cell Sarcoma-will be having 6 cycles of chemotherapy, every cycle can cost PHP30K

Patient: Jherlyn Mayuela

Contact #: 09352740887 / 09612462132

BDO acct: 010780025873

I badly need your help guys. Godbless us all. In Jesus name, Amen.

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