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Hello everyone, I am from Kazakhstan from the city of Astana. I want to open a school of gypsum modeling, gypsum craftsmanship. I want to change something in this world so I want to educate those who have no education and who have no opportunity and are learning. Wait a lot of unemployed, homeless, disabled and orphans. I want to teach everyone in plaster craftsmanship, that after completing the course they started to work independently, opened piles, so that they would develop. I want to reduce the number of unemployed in the country so that they develop creative business. I want people with disabilities and orphans to consider themselves full-fledged and work for the good of society. Money is needed for renting premises for a school, for materials it is needed, for advertising schools are needed.

If someone would help me buy premises for a school, I would be blogged. I want the children of orphans, the disabled, without working, low-income families to be trained in their specialties and live full lives. I want such people to enrich money; we make hard work worthless money. I want the world to be in the whole world, and all people will live happily in abundance.

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